Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rara Rara V' ( damn ILY more lha ! )

Hello peeps ! Here I would to intro my new bestie plus (+) my sister . Aww! Perasan pulak . Hoho :') Last time , I think budak-2 pretty like her msti snobbish but totally I'm wrong . K'bnyakannya all just nice and boleh msuk kpale , huhu . You all kenal who's she ? Sudah pasti korang kenal ken ? She's Rara Rara V' , that was her facebook nickname . Sixteen y/o her age . Older one year than me ! She's pretty right ? Plus(+) chumel gila ken-3 ? Haha , dia baik oh . When I walling or IM sure , she will reply . Tak sabarr nk meet dia nnti schl holiday . Hope our friendship will last forever honeyboo :') Terharu dia buad posting kat blog about me . Haha , sedih + terharu gila vavi :'D ! Damn ILY more than you love me , Sayanggg! Haha , Mmuahhh :')

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